I’m so glad you’re here and I can’t wait to see what we can create together! 

Hi, I’m Lauren!

But first, a little about me and what I do:

I’m a born and bred Pacific Northwesterner — rain doesn’t scare me, fall is my FAVORITE, and my soul longs for the piney mountains. I currently live in a tiny little town in SW Washington on 2.5 acres with my two wild boys, police officer husband, our Rottweiler pup, and a few chickens. Most of my time is spent chasing tiny humans that are somehow always covered in dirt, but I also love to play music, have Sunday evening dinners with my whole family after church, and go on date nights with my husband.

I bought my first camera refurbished on a whim, watched some YouTube videos, and the rest is history. It has become an unexpected blessing, and now I consider it my greatest honor to be part of capturing people’s memories and helping freeze them in time. There is no more valuable gift you can give the generations coming after you than the gift of legacy and story. And that’s why I do what I do!

My whole life, I’ve always been a little “rough around the edges.” I’ve always loved fashion, make up, and anything with a little sparkle. People around me called “too much” or “over the top” a lot. Now, as an adult, that has transferred to my business in the most beautiful way — are you a bride with nontraditional ideas for her elopement? I was too! Are you a mom who loves to make sure every little extra detail is thought of? So am I! Do people call you “extra” or unique a lot? Same here! 

My style has never quite fit into the expected trends, whether that’s fashion, home decor, or photography. If you find yourself looking at the current trends thinking, “I’m just not sure this is my thing…” then I am the girl for you, because that’s me too! My style isn’t for everyone and that’s okay! My goal is simply to capture who you are, in this moment, as authentically as possible. So, if moody, vibrant photos, and things that go a little against the grain are your thing, then let’s get together and capture some memories!

***As a note: I do also shoot a lot of boudoir & I absolutely adore it, but do not market it publicly out of respect for the privacy & dignity of my clients. My boudoir session start at $450. If you are interested, you can see more of my work and book through the link in the bio on my private boudoir instagram @loashleyboudoir.

Photography is a journey that I started with no idea what it would eventually become. 

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